Welcome to Refill and Replenish, Petersfield's first plastic-free shop!

At Refill & Replenish we believe that you can live a life with less plastic. With a convenient and caring service that helps you reduce your regular household waste without most importantly compromising on quality.

Say hello to Laura and Alice .. two ladies with one passion!

​In a world full of news and noise about the need for us all to live a plastic free life, it can seem difficult to know how and where to start and we like you have been overwhelmed by the pictures shared on social media and wondered how we can help. 


With a passion for the environment and a desire to change the way plastic waste is impacting our world locally and the globally we joined forces to start Hampshries first mobile plastic free shop, yep we first started on markets and did that for around 16months and then decided to open our little shop which is  located in Petersfields the Folly Market where you can find us to top up your household essentials. We have your food cupboard basics of pasta, rice dried fruit, nuts and your household cleaning goods and more.

If you are looking for more on us then you can also follow Refill and Replenish on Facebook and Instagram where we will be posting  new items coming in our shop as well as hints and tips on how to make small changes in your daily life that will have a BIG impact on the world of plastic .

Together we can all live a life with less plastic.

See you at our shop!

Laura and Alice. 

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