• Laura Hayward

Make your own scrummy snacks Plastic Free !!

Here is a really quick and easy recipe to make some energy balls, this is a great alternative to purchasing snacks wrapped in single use plastic ! This can be your 'go to' snack and takes around 20minutes to make, also no baking necessary which is AWESOME !



170g pitted dates

120g oat flakes

60g sunflower seeds

60g raisins

120ml apple juice or orange juice

2 table spoons of cocoa powder

Zest of orange

100g desiccated coconut


Blend all the ingredients together in a good food processor or with a hand blender.

Take a little portion to roll into a ball.

Then coat with the desiccated coconut.

They will keep for one week in the fridge and makes around 19 – 25 ( depending on how big/small you make them).


The bonus is, that you can the dry ingredients from our little shop. Let us know if you give this yummy recipe a go we would love to know

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