• Laura Hayward

Plastic free sun cream?

Well Yes !!!....We stock 'Shade' Suncream and have done since last year! Its a great suncream which I have used, it is really easy to use and i love its size, perfect to fit in your bag when out and about on those sunny days.

How to apply?

When cold, warm up with your fingers or scoop a little from the tin and warm up in your hands and apply to your skin. It leaves a slight sheen on your skin, but to me, I find this helps to see if i have missed any areas on my skin. I also love that it acts as a great moisturizer with the ingredient, shea butter and its really great that it comes in a tin, to help you get every last bit out of the suncream (compared to bottles) where once empty you can reuse!

Do ensure that you reapply regularly after sweating /swimming.

Shade is suitable for all skin types and ages.


· Virgin Coconut oil

· 100% pure unrefined Beeswax

· Unrefined Shea butter

· 99% pharmaceutical Zinc oxide


· Winner of the beauty awards

3 years in a row.

· Unscented.

· Not tested on animals.

· Once opened use within 12 months, otherwise it has a 3-year shelf life.

SPF Testing:

Stability testing, microbiology testing, broad spectrum sunscreen testing of effectiveness against UVA & UVB rays, and SPF validation tests. All tests conducted to EU standards by Alba Science of Edinburgh.

· ISO24443 In vitro Broad Spectrum Protection.

· ISO 24444 In vivo with 13 live subjects. A Cosmetic Study to Determine the In-Vivo Sun Protection Factor of a Sunscreen Formulation.

· Cosmetic Product Safety Data Analysis, conducted by Luciano Molinaro BSc Forensic Science & Investigative Analysis (Hons) (Kingston University), Forensic Chemistry and Trace Analysis, Analytical Methods in Forensic Science (Kingston University).

· Accelerated Stability Test

Interesting information about Shade:

· Shade has been given away by RNLI to help promote their Respect the Water and Float to Live campaigns at the Victorious Festival last year

· Shade™ was the sunscreen of choice for National Geographic’s all-female ‘Source to Sea’ expedition along the Ganges studying plastic pollution last year

· Shade™ has been listed as joint third most ethical sunscreen in the UK by Ethical Consumer Magazine.

· Shade™ is also being handed out by a Macmillan skin cancer clinic to patients as an introduction to a safer sunscreen…

Hope you find this little review and information useful.


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