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Veggies and the supply chain - can we evade the single use plastics?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

You're shopping for your family, there are an endless numbers of societal pressures to consider: Who wants what for dinner, making sure your family get their five-a-day, considering the eldest who wants to go vegan and on top of all that your short of time. Sound familiar?

You pop into your local supermarket to get the vegetables, fruit, tins and other items and try but may, you just can't escape the single use plastics surrounding the veggies, apples and oranges. So why is this plastic here and is it worth it?

Mostly it's about supply chain, laziness or maintaining the perfect look, and to all intents and purposes very little of it is necessary. Supermarkets want extend the shelf life of their produce and plastic packaging lets them do that by sealing it in a vacuum or adding nitrogen. A lot of the time it is so that a perfect picture can be printed on the packaging. Nets that hold oranges or sprouts together are made unnecessarily out of plastic to reduce weight and the cost. However there is an alternative and it's so simple that anyone can do it. It does however eat into the precious time that we have so litttle of these days.

Here's our top 4 tips to avoid the single use plastics in the veggies, save some cash and help a local retailer.

1. Take the time to menu plan your week, if you can manage it do ten days, that way your planning will overlap with the previous week.

2. Using your favourite recipes, the internet or the books on the shelf, come up with a list of exactly what you need.

3. Find your nearest local veg retailer, veg market or similar and plan a trip out with your reuseable bags (in Petersfield we use the Local Veg Box who deliver and are at the local Saturday market).

4. Repeat each week, it's a fun activity and it will more than likely save you cash as well as the planet.

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